Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying out my Polar HRM

Used the treadmill two days in a row, and finally got around to trying out my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor! It's sweet. I like knowing that I'm getting a more accurate idea of how many calories I'm burning.

Since I'm basically completely new to fitness I'm starting off slow. I probably mention that in every entry. But seriously people - I was the skinnyfat girl that could barely do the lap around the playground in gym class. I was always one of the last ones and I would finish it walking.

Now I'm sitting here still in my workout clothes and sweaty (eww) and totally loving it. I promise that I'm showering after I write this, honest. I'm just excited - I can't wait to feel toned and fit for the first time in my life. The sad thing is, I'm all sweaty from 35 minutes of alternating power walking and jogging (and a 5 minute cooldown). Slow and steady though, eventually I'll work up my endurance. Right? RIGHT?! lol.

Here's a pic from yesterday, the first time using my heart rate monitor:

I accidentally hit the emergency key on the treadmill and shut it off in the middle of my workout (why yes, I AM the clumsiest person ever) so I was bummed because I wanted to compare how many calories the treadmill says I burned - even though I know HRMs are supposed to be more accurate. I don't remember what the screen on the treadmill said because I was watching Switched at Birth on my iPad and had it covering the screen lol.

So here's today:

 The first picture is of the treadmill screen - it said I burned 360 calories. I can't believe my distance was only 2.3 miles! I must be the slowest person alive. Seriously, my mom and I walked a 5K last year in 45 minutes and I was power walking/jogging much faster today and it probably would have taken me 45 minutes to go 3.1 miles. I don't get it - is that inaccurate on the treadmill as well or do I just suck that bad? I want to use an iPhone app to compare but don't really feel like wearing my iPhone while on the treadmill. However, if there's an app you recommend let me know. If only I had the Polar H6 with bluetooth... sigh. I'm a technology geek.

Also, let's talk about how many minutes were fitness and how many were fat burning. Only two minutes of fat burning? That's it? Is that when my heart rate was in the 180's, 190's? I'm a little discouraged by these numbers but I just keep telling myself to take it slow. Build endurance. The awesomeness will come.

I was happy that the FT7 says I burned more calories than what the treadmill says... I always thought the opposite was the case. I've been keeping the incline at 3 and switching up the speed between 4 and 5, depending on if I'm power walking/jogging. Is that a good start? I'm not even sure if I'm "doing it right" or where to begin. When I research I usually find conflicting information so I've just been sticking to general themes.

But in the mean time, SWEAT EVERY DAY. I don't want to overdo it on the treadmill so I may do some Jillian Michaels or an Xbox Kinect game tomorrow to change it up. Here is a picture of me all disgusting and sweaty right after cool down. I burned half my face a year ago (that's a story for another blog) and usually you can't tell unless I get sunburned on the sensitive skin (which I don't allow to happen) or unless I'm red faced and sweaty. So next time I should take a pic of the other side of my face instead. Or just spare myself the embarrassing pics all together.

NAH. That's half the run of reading peoples' blogs right? To check out the pictures they post!

Notice the giant headband on my head. I'm in love with it and just ordered 5 more. Hey, there was a coupon code on Retail Me Not so it was totally worth it. Go ahead and judge, but they're freakin' awesome. It's called a Bondi Band. I bought it from a running shoe store because I felt bad for having the guy help me only to have me not buy any shoes there (sorry dude). They're amazing because they keep all the little fly aways and bits of hair that escape my ponytail from going in my eyes or getting stuck to my sweaty face. They're moisture wicking so it stops the liquid awesome from dripping all over the place. You can fold the band so it isn't so wide and the best part is - it fits my giant melon, it doesn't slide off like all the Goody bands and whatnot tend to, and it isn't tight or pinchy at all! Seriously, you need to check these out. I should also mention they're only $8/piece (or $5/piece if you buy 5, which I did). Sweet!

They did not ask me to promote the product, I didn't get a free one for writing a review. I just think they rock and wanted to tell you about it.

Off to the showers!

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