Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So many cool gadgets! Natasha = Nerd

So lately I have been doing far too much online shopping and browsing and dreaming and it really needs to stop. This is still a new hobby for me and I shouldn't be buying everything under the sun for runners. Just because I've been working more hours does not mean I should blow the extra cash on fun stuff for myself, lol.

There are so many cool things out there though! If I ever get to the point where I can run a consistent 5K I think it would be cool to get a GPS watch like the Garmin Forerunner 10. I read lots of good things about it on other blogs. But I just got my Polar FT7... I can't really wear two watches. I could invest in a higher end watch that has both GPS and HRM, but I don't like the look of a lot of them. Not to mention holy expensive, Batman. :) Do any of you have a GPS watch? Do you like it, what are your thoughts?

Speaking of my Polar FT7, I am really loving it. I went on the treadmill this morning before work, and I love knowing that I'm getting an accurate read on my heart rate and calories burned. I just wish it had bluetooth so I could sync it with apps. I'd love to get the Polar H7 - it has bluetooth capability so it would sync with apps like Polar Beat, but it would also work with my FT7 watch.

Another fitness item that is on my wishlist is the upcoming Fitbit Flex, which is coming out this fall. I currently have the Fitbit One and it's really nice - I like that I can open the Fitbit app on my phone and my information for the day automatically syncs. We recently switched to electronic medical record at the healthcare clinic where I work and it is APPALLING how much less I walk each day since we switched. Gone are the days where I'm constantly on the run trying to track down a patient's chart. To be honest it really sucks, and having the Fitbit makes me more aware of it and encourages me to make more of an effort to hit my goal for # of steps per day. Problem is, I'm so afraid I'm going to lose the darn thing. I always clip it to my bra and there are times I will forget it on there when I take my bra off in the evening. I have nightmares of it going through the washing machine. I think I would enjoy the bracelet/wristband version more - plus I love that you can buy different color bands for the device so you aren't stuck with one color! Do I need it? Nope, but it doesn't stop me from wanting it anyway. They don't have a release date for it yet though, just "spring" - so maybe I'll lose interest by the time it comes out?

I'm also loving my new Brooks Ravenna 4 shoes so much that I'm craving another pair in a different color! I guess I'm just hoping that Pete will come across my blog and remember all this stuff so he has plenty of gift ideas for my birthday in August. Hopefully by the time that day comes around I can officially call myself a runner. ;)

This is one purchase I'm REALLY tempted to make - Yurbuds Inspire for Women. I have so many issues with my earbuds coming out of my ears or just jiggling around and not staying in place when I'm on the treadmill... it's a pain in the rear. Does anyone out there have that problem or do I have weird ears? Does anyone own these? Are they worth it? They appeal to me because they are reasonably priced - I wouldn't say cheap but a lot more reasonable than other earbuds out there. Plus they are made for women who work out - they have a twist lock technology that is supposed to keep them in your ears.

Luckily I've been staying away from taking the plunge on the big ticket items and have been consoling myself with sweet affordable items like new Bondi Bands and a BAMR Band (when I saw she had Chevron patterned bands I couldn't resist - she also should have shirts made up that say BadA$$ Mother Runner, because her business name rocks).

Okay, I confess - I also ordered myself one of these:

For those of you that have no idea what the heck that is, it's a FlipBelt. I got a SpiBelt last year because I absolutely hate armbands for my phone, but it was just okay for me. My phone still made the little pouch bounce so I'm hoping I'll have better luck with the FlipBelt. Once I receive it and try it out I'll definitely let you guys know what I think!

Look - I say "you guys" like I actually have multiple readers haha. Anyone out there? This is Tasha, fishing for comments!

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