Saturday, December 18, 2010

A New Chapter

I'm starting to think I need an outlet, a place to be completely myself. Not that I can't be that way with the people that know and love me - but I realize that I can get to be a bit much after a while, lol. I need somewhere that I'll always be able to express myself, my random thoughts... a place for me to purge whatever I'm thinking or feeling when I feel like it. So I'm thinking I might take up blogging again. I still have my livejournal, but I just feel that my journey has run its course there. I love the friends I've made because of that journal - but I'm ready to start fresh. Keep moving forward, that's always been my motto (is it cheesy that I just said I have a motto?) - so here we go. I can't promise that what I write will be interesting, but it will be honest. Just me living my life.... small town 20something woman, with a boyfriend that I share an amazing son with, a job that I (almost always) enjoy, and somewhere in there I'm trying to finish my college degree as well. My laziness often gets in the way - I make an excellent unemployed person, and could spend entire days snuggling with Brady, reading books on my nook, or gaming on my xbox. Did I mention that I don't live with my boyfriend, even though we have a child together? We're working on it. Yep, my life is a bit unconventional, often unorthodox... but it's my life and I try to get as much enjoyment out of it as I can.