Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bogus Boyfriend

Struggled a bit more on the treadmill today but it was my own fault - I had a full breakfast and didn't wait long before hopping on. Usually I just have a snack and then go, and I could definitely tell the difference. My stomach didn't like me towards the end. I also had more trouble regulating my breathing than usual (I still have a hard time finding a rhythm and not having to think about it - tips are welcome). But...

I love working out, I really do. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from it and I love feeling like I'm getting a bit stronger, a bit better, every time.

I also love my boyfriend. I really do. But UGH, was he an obnoxious pain in the butt this morning! I warned him that I was going to be hopping on the treadmill. He was laying on the couch watching TV. His excitement about the treadmill has equaled to him using it once thus far (and nobody saw him do it, so he has no proof). Instead of going to one of the other rooms that has a TV, he decides to stay in the living room by me and crank the volume up extremely loud while watching Top Gear. I could still hear the TV even with music on my headphones. It was distracting. Then he complains about me making so much noise. Thanks for being supportive, baby.

This journey would be easier if I had more support. So far I have seen a lot of talk but no action. I am very grateful for my friend and co-worker Catherine, because if it weren't for her I'd be flying completely solo.

I've registered for two of the 5Ks I'm interested in so far. The Electric Run of course, and now the Cellcom 5K in Green Bay. There will also be half and full marathons going on for the Cellcom event - maybe next year, haha! I'm very excited because there will be a health and fitness expo going on at Lambeau Field during all of this and I can't wait to check it out. Pretty sure Catherine is planning on going as well, but honestly I'll even go alone. I'm determined to stay on this path whether I have a huge support system or not.

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