Sunday, March 17, 2013

Opinions and Zombies, Run

Just got done burning 445 calories - so proud of myself for sticking with it! I was on the treadmill Thursday and Friday... Friday I noticed my legs felt a bit sore so I skipped yesterday and just did 35 minutes today (counting cooldown). Pete didn't even make fun of me too much. I've been making fun of him like crazy though. He's only used the treadmill once so far and says that he "hasn't had time" - but he's had time to watch about two seasons of The Shield. Hmph.

Some guys from Best Buy showed up on Friday to pick up the broken treadmill - they were to come between 12:30 and 2:00 and showed up right at 12:30. Since when do delivery guys come on time?! I had just gotten done on our put-together treadmill and was all sweaty and gross. My hair was in pigtail braids (yes, I'm 30 and still rock the braids on occasion) and my exercise clothes currently show every lump and bump. I thought for sure I'd have time to take a quick shower before they got here but nooo.... and to top off my embarrassment they weren't bad looking either. Oh well, at least they know I'm working on my fitness so I should be proud, right? It sure is nice to have that big box out of our hallway now, too.

Someone needs to help me stop spending money. I caved and picked up some Yurbuds to try out. At first I couldn't really get them in my ear right and they felt huge and I was thinking about taking them back right away. I kept fiddling with them a bit and then set them aside. Today I decided to actually try using them for my workout. Got them in my ears no problem and they were FANTASTIC when I was on the treadmill. Good sound quality and best of all they stayed put. When I use my regular iPod ear buds I'm constantly adjusting them and it gets really annoying so this was a win. It'd be a heck of a lot cheaper if they just sold the plastic piece that fits in your ear though - they are essentially normal ear buds with a plastic casing over them that helps them stay in the ear better. If you're in the market for new ear buds though I'd definitely recommend Yurbuds over Skull Candy ones that are in the same price range.

My FlipBelt came in the mail the other day and I've used it once so far. I haven't been using my phone while on the treadmill so this will be more for my outdoor runs.I went with the medium because it has a good stretch capacity and I didn't want to get the large only to lose weight and have it feel loose. It feels weird to put it on because you have to step into it seeing as it has no clips. I wear it more on my waist because it'd be pretty stretched out near my hips and I'm not sure if it'd stay in place or just creep back up to my waist anyway. Best part though is that even with my iPhone in the belt it didn't jiggle - it stayed right in place. So this product is a win too.

Here is the section of the post where I ask for opinions. This might sound stupid or ignorant but I'm new to exercising. My legs tingle after my runs - is this normal? I thought it was fine, just an increase in blood flow from actually exerting myself for a change, but then I decided to google it and a few things I read scared me. Stupid google. I read about meralgia paresthetica, chronic exertional compartment syndrome, and circulation issues... I'm not panicked or anything, I'm not in pain so I'm still convinced I'm fine - but sheesh. I need to stop googling everything I come across. Other input would be nice though, so please share!

Has anyone used the Zombies Run app? Camilla Luddington, who I'm currently in awe of (she's beautiful, she did the voice of Lara on the new Tomb Raider game and she's on some of my favorite shows - Californication and Grey's Anatomy) gave it props on Conan and it's currently on sale, so I'm thinking of trying it. They have their regular app and a 5K training app - the 5K training is only $1.99 right now for iPhone and the regular is $3.99. If anyone has used one of these apps, please tell me which one you used and your thoughts! Also, watch this video and see the awesomeness that is Camilla:

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Cecil Vermule said...

I am actually using both apps and I love them! They are actually releasing season 2 here this month I believe. Totally worth it! ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of the zombie genre.