Friday, July 6, 2012


I didn't have time to blog about it this morning, so I feel strange writing about it when it isn't as fresh in my mind... but W2D1 was a success!

I babysit my niece Chloe on Thursday nights overnight, she just turned one. I waited for her dad to pick her up this morning and then headed out shortly after 5:30. It was *much* cooler this morning and I was so grateful - in fact I was almost chilly for the first few minutes of my warm up! I did the first few runs without a problem, but it definitely got harder towards the end.

I told my fitness friend/co-worker Catherine today at work that "I'm starting to feel something in my butt!". Of course she looked at me like I was crazy, but I told her that when I was running today I could feel a sensation in my butt like those muscles were being worked. Yay for hopefully a firm butt, someday! Aside from my butt feeling (haha) I have been feeling changes in my calves. It's such a thrill to know that I'm working those muscles and that in a few more weeks I will start seeing some changes... let's just hope my waist line slims down a bit!

I was also excited to tell her about how I opened my mouth during my run and a drop of sweat dripped onto my tongue... it was both disgusting and rewarding at the same time. To know that I'm sweating not just because I'm trapped in my car with a broken air conditioner (which is why I'm usually sweating) but because I'm physically exerting myself for a change is pretty great.

I don't keep track of my distance traveled right now, I just concentrate on the time - but I have been running the same route each time and I definitely went farther today than I did during Week 1, which also makes me feel pretty darn good. After I was done with the cool down I did my stretches, hopped in the shower and rushed off to work.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I will be doing the Packer 5K with a few co-workers on July 28th. I'm signed up as a "walker" and I expect to walk the majority. Yesterday at work I told Catherine about The Color Run and today she talked me into signing up for it - it's August 24th! I was wanting to do it NEXT year but her enthusiasm was contagious so I decided to go for it. If I run every other day and never have to repeat a day I will finish the C25K in time for the Color Run, but I highly doubt that will happen. If I could even run half of it that would be great... we will see what happens! The run looks like a total blast though and I'm pretty excited about it. The registration fee was kinda pricy but my boyfriend knows how happy I am about taking up this hobby and how determined I am to stick with it so he paid the fee for me. After my overindulgence on workout clothes I'm pretty strapped so the fact that he footed that was pretty sweet.... either that or he's just looking forward to getting me out of his hair for the day! (kidding, kidding... maybe)

Does that look like a good time or what?!

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