Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wolverine 5K

So the Wolverine 5K is in the books, and I actually BEAT my Cellcom 5K time! I'm so thrilled! It started off kind of stressful this morning - I didn't have time to blow dry my hair so I just put it up wet, but I managed to eat some oatmeal before my mom came to pick us up. Brady had a Pop Tart, lol. When we got to the run (which is at the high school) I was surprised at the fact that there wasn't many people there despite it being an annual thing. We had pre-registered so we picked up our shirts and put them in the car. There was just a clock at the start/finish, no chip to wear so I started my Endomondo app to check the accuracy of the course and keep an eye on my time.

Here's a picture of Brady and me before the race (isn't he cute with his freckles) wearing our blue and gold (school colors). Since there wasn't many people there and a lot of the people that WERE there were walkers, Brady and I lined up towards the front. I started my Endomondo app as I crossed the start and shoved it in my FlipBelt. My mom actually started off running with us and ran til we hit the end of the school parking lot.

Brady impressed me from the start - there was no whining or complaining like he usually does lol! I kept cheering him on and encouraging him to at least run the entire first mile. The water station (which was headed by all the girls I used to work with) was RIGHT before the one mile mark so that's where we stopped. I took water but it didn't go down easy. Brady took water and then started right back up again. He got ahead of me because I started alternating running/walking. I didn't want to lose sight of him so I kept pushing myself to keep moving.

Soon enough I figured out why Brady kept moving - he wanted to catch up with his friend Seth. Eventually he did and together they ran the whole thing! SO proud of my boy. We hit a hill and I was walking when a truck pulled up next to me - it was our friend Nick and his wife Kerry and he just looks at me and says "Start running!". I laughed and told him to shut up - I was tired, he's a freaking Marine and his wife is superfit and gorgeous - easy for them to say! He said it again, smiled at me and drove away. I smiled to myself and yep, started to run again. Ran all the way up that stupid (smallish) hill. I didn't stop at the water station on the way back but Brady did, and this was where I pulled ahead of him.

When I crossed the finish the clock read 33:07 and a nice volunteer was ready with a cold bottle of water or gatorade. I took a big drink and realized I never stopped the app on my phone, doh! So I pulled it out of my FlipBelt and stopped it at 33:21. Even if I went by that time I still beat my previous 5K so I'm super happy. I lingered by the finish to get a picture of Brady and his friend when they arrived. He crossed at 34:13, I was really impressed!

The kids got plastic medals and immediately went to check out the food table. They had a great selection - bagels as big as the kids' heads, sliced oranges, bananas, apples, fruit snacks, more water/gatorade - it was awesome! I sat by Brady and his friends under some trees to wait for my mom. She was walking with some ladies she knew and I finally spotted her and started cheering her on. That got her going and she talked her friend into running the last bit.

That's my mom in the tank top, smiling and wearing the same exact shoes as me (she's not even a runner but when she saw my Brooks Ravenna shoes she had to buy them too because she loves purple). She crossed the finish in 43:17 so she beat her time from the Firetower Run she did last September! I could tell she was pretty happy about that.

I still have a long way to go before I'll be able to run an entire 5K without walk breaks - but I'm improving and that is a HUGE motivator. This run got Brady more enthused about doing the Packer 5K and the Electric Run so I'm thrilled about that!

I tried out a new sock for this run - The Feetures! Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab. I LOVE them. Most ankle socks slide down during my runs and then my shoe starts to rub and irritate me, but these are made longer in the back so that doesn't happen. I would buy TONS of them but they're kinda pricy.

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