Sunday, June 2, 2013


I have been in love with my Brooks Ravenna 4 shoes since I got them. They basically had no break in period and feel like heaven on my giant awkward feet. I am curious to try other brands but doubt that I ever will because I just love my Brooks so much.

I got them in the Cactus Flower/Night Life, which is an awesome purple and neon yellow color. They're cool looking but don't match well with a lot of my running clothes. My mom also loves purple and got the same shoes as me, even though she is not a runner and never intends on becoming one. The Ravenna 4's also come in a blue and yellow color that is more subtle and I'm thisclose to ordering them as I will be standing all day at my new job and don't want anything less than the best on my problem ridden feet. The price tag is the only thing that makes me hesitate but I have a feeling that as soon as I start getting a paycheck that they will be mine. (I have almost no self control, I swear.)

Today I was browsing the Brooks website as I often do only to discover that they have released my shoe in a THIRD color option... check out these beauties:

How am I going to resist buying not only a second pair, but a third? These shoes are awesome. Ever since I got them I hate wearing my old Sketchers and Adidas tennies and can't imagine having to stand around all day in them. I don't want to wear my running shoes to work though because I only like to use them for running... so I have to get more than one pair, right? RIGHT?

Nobody ever comments on my journal but maybe someone will just this once to talk me out of buying things I simply can't afford. Or maybe comment to say that I only live once and I should just buy more shoes. Either way, my fate (and credit card balance) is in your hands.

Kidding... sort of.

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