Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Progress... or not?

I am still taking it SLOW. However, with that said today I did the longest "running" spurt I've done so far - 8 minutes! I felt awesome about it, since the longest I did at one time yesterday was 5 minutes. When my 30 minutes + 5 minute cool down was done though I had ended up going the exact same distance as yesterday (2.54 miles). I think the longest I jogged at once after the 8 minutes was 3 minutes, and most times it was 2. I'm wondering if I should start a C25K program to get more structure... I just worry because last year I attempted it (see old entries) and did not finish. I want to stick with running. I have the Zombies 5K app but haven't tried it... I have been running on the treadmill this time and I know those kind of apps don't really work right on a treadmill. I could and should start running outside now that it is FINALLY warming up, but I don't really want my ridiculous running attempts to be seen by the public yet and I'm just a scaredy cat making excuses, I know. I just like the treadmill... I feel like I get more of a push seeing that clock and saying "Oh, I can do another minute". I just don't know how to proceed. Help?

Two days in a row of eating well and staying within my calories... I am not eating my exercise calories, just sticking to the recommended amount of calories on MFP. The scale is already moving a little (thank you jeebus) but I need to pick a certain morning and start weighing myself once a week so I don't get all scale obsessed. I'm trying to eat every four hours or so... breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sticking to this has made me realize just how drastically I was overeating. Like whoa.

In a moment of weakness I ordered a sweet pair of ProCompression marathon socks. I know, I'm currently jobless so the last thing I should be doing is ordering a pair of expensive socks when I will probably never run an actual marathon in my life. I've just read so many things about how good compressions socks are for post-run recovery and I don't want anything hindering my running progress. So these will be for when I get farther in my "training". I also used a 40% off coupon code (found on Retail Me Not) and got free shipping so you really can't beat that. Also, they will look awesome with my running shoes. I will totally look the part, at least. Heh.

I have the above picture taped to my treadmill, along with a few other motivational sayings. Come hell or high water though, I will stick to this. It makes me feel good about myself, and I want to get better and better at it. I have never been athletic in my entire life and the fact that I get winded so quickly and that my heart rate gets high so fast proves that I need to make some changes before I just become that obese old lady that sits in her favorite chair watching her shows and eating Cheetos.

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