Sunday, July 28, 2013

Packers 5K 2013

Yesterday Brady and I ran in the Packers 5K and had a great time! I have to admit... I really struggled with the fact that I had to run slow and walk more than I needed to since I ran with my son, yet I'm so glad Brady did this with me. I guess I'm more competitive than I thought! Even though it was my slowest 5K this year, it was still better than how I did last year... haha!

The weather was a huge change from last year - in 2012 I changed from capris to shorts because I was so hot before the race, this year we wore pants! The temps were in the upper 50s but luckily the rain held out... the sky looked pretty ominous though. Brady had complaints of sore legs so he was not at 100% but he did his best and most importantly had fun. I got a lot of compliments on my shirt, which I got from the shop at a while ago. I read her blog all the time so I was happy to spread the word about it!

Here's our before and after pictures... on the left we were lined up with our wave and ready to go and on the right was after we were done - you can tell we were tired! My hair kept escaping from my ponytail during the run so I gave up on it after the run. Brady had crazy hair too (it was in a faux hawk in the morning but by evening looked like you see in the pictures) so it was okay.

The Packer tunnel was so congested with people that we HAD to walk it, but we were able to run around the field and Brady loved it. Seeing yourself on the Jumbotron is pretty flippin' cool:

In case you can't tell, Brady and I are on the left in green. My mom and my "Aunt" Leanne (technically she's my mom's first cousin, but I grew up calling her aunt) did the Packers 5K as walkers and enjoyed themselves so much they are already planning on doing it next year! I think my mom is catching the running bug a bit because she's interested in signing up for more runs this year. Either that or she's doing it for the t-shirts, I'm not Here's a sweet picture I took of them before the run - Leanne is on the left, and my mom is on the right.

Brady and I crossed the finish line at the same time and our official time was 38:08. By far my slowest 5K time this year but I'm trying to focus on the fact that we had FUN and I was keeping pace with Brady who wasn't feeling his best. I have my shot at improving my time when I do the Aurora run on the 17th so I'm really looking forward to that. Next weekend Brady and I have another fun run - the Electric Run in Madison, which should be awesome!

Almost forgot! I took a quick Vine video when we were running through Lambeau field... I'm going to try to post it. The Packers 5K is an awesome experience and a run I would recommend to anyone - we'll probably do it again next year. This year they had 5,948 finishers!

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