Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ella Smetana Memorial Run

I've been a bad girl. I haven't been eating as well since the holiday... I do pretty well on the days I work, but on my days off not so much. I hate humidity so I often use that excuse to avoid my running. Normally I wake up really early so the humidity isn't so bad - but I haven't been sleeping well lately so when my alarm goes off I stay in bed. None of this makes me feel good about myself but I'm being honest... I just haven't been feeling it lately.

Before today, my last run was July 7th - six days ago. I only made it 1.57 miles and finished the rest of my route walking. I had been taking too many walk breaks during the running portion and just didn't feel up to it so I bailed. It sucked.

Today was the Ella Smetana Memorial Run/Walk to honor a little girl who died of cancer. I very briefly entertained the thought of not doing this run because I've been so off routine lately, but then I realized that was awful and I needed to suck it up. A sweet girl died of cancer and damn it, even if I had to walk the whole thing I was going to do it - all proceeds from the run go to the American Cancer Society which is really important to me. So I woke up this morning, got my gear on and hit the road.

It was only $12 to sign up for this run and I got a t-shirt (white with pink tie-dye), granola bar, drink packet and an herbal foot soak sample, which I thought was pretty generous considering the low cost! At the finish there was water and Gatorade, orange slices and bananas, cookies and bagels - the usual spread but a nice selection.

This was considered a fun run, no timing chips - just a lady with a stop watch at the finish shouting out times. I used my Endomondo app and my time was consistent with her watch so that's good enough accuracy for me! I started off not knowing how I was going to do or what to expect. I took my first walk break just before the first mile marker - I definitely felt more fatigued than usual - but I did my first mile in 9:30 so that was a pleasant surprise. The second mile sucked because we were running directly into the sun and I do NOT do well running in hot weather. I run at 4:30-5:30 in the morning to avoid the sun, lol.... so this was brutal for me. Lots of running/walking/running/walking. I have been known to pass out on hot summer days (I passed out on a person in church once) so I made sure to hit both water stations and not push myself too hard.

I hate being passed though, so that kept me motivated lol. My friend Catherine and her buddy Matt met me towards the end to cheer me on and keep me going - but I still walked quite a bit at the very end because like I said, passing out would NOT be cool. The run was longer than a 5K which was frustrating for me but I actually STILL beat my last 5K time even though this run was 3.27 miles! What the heck! I'm still getting consistently better even though this last week was full of fail. Here's my stats:

Needless to say, this was pretty awesome. Even though the run was really hard for me I am STILL showing improvement - and what better motivation is that to stick with it? My next two 5Ks I'm doing with my son, so that will definitely affect my speed but I still want to practice as much as I can to keep improving my stamina/endurance. The picture on the left was my view after the run.... not bad!

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