Sunday, April 14, 2013

No More Excuses!

With all of the drama happening at work, I had totally abandoned my fitness regimen. It was stupid really, I almost had to actively avoid using the treadmill... it was like I was punishing myself for something that isn't even my fault. No idea why I would do that to myself - but I hopped on for the first time in about two weeks today and it felt great. I feel even more out of shape, but I'm ready to get back on track.

As you know from my last post, due to restructuring my position at my clinic was eliminated. I put in for another internal position but was turned down because I am not able to work later than 5:30 p.m. My last day was Friday. It was very bittersweet, I am going to miss everyone at my clinic a lot. One of the ladies from HR said I am definitely eligible for re-hire and also said I could use her as a reference. One of the providers at my clinic wrote me an amazing letter of recommendation, and the other provider made a point to talk to me and let me know that I would be missed and he really enjoyed working with me. The girls made yummy desserts for me and they all signed a "Best Wishes" card. So all of that made me feel really good. Except for the whole part where I no longer have a job.

But guess what? This just means that for now, I have more time to spend with my amazing kid and more time to spend on getting healthy and active. I am registered for three 5K's so far - in May, June and August. I'm definitely signing up for at least one more as well (glad I registered early when I had the money to do so, things will be awfully tight now!) and by the end of the summer, I am going to run the whole 5K. Right now I'm working on stamina, going the distance. Once I have that down I will work on speed. I know I can do this.

So here's my burn for today:

Something I'd like to do regularly on this blog is to share some of the music that I like to use during my workouts. I'd also love to hear what you've been listening to lately so feel free to share in the comments! A few of the songs that came up on my playlist that made me extra happy today are:

The Guild - I'm The One That's Cool
Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
Robert DeLong - Global Concepts

Garmin just came out with some new colors for the Forerunner 10. I'm kind of in love with the new purple color, and have dropped a (not so) subtle hint to Pete that ah hem, Mother's Day is coming up! Look at this beauty:

SO much cuter than the pink - just because I'm female, doesn't mean I like pink - and for some reason I like it even better than the green!

On an unrelated note, I purchased a curling iron a few weeks ago and tried it out for the first time the other day. Gave myself some beachy waves and was fairly successful. The Wisconsin weather has been ridiculous lately, we keep getting rain/sleet/snow and giving myself a fun summery hairstyle was my way of rebelling. What do you think?

Today is Pete's one day off for the week so we're off to do some grocery shopping and maybe catch a movie. Happy Sunday everyone!

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