Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston and the weather

Before I say anything else, I just want to say that my heart goes out to those in Boston that were affected by today's tragedy. I can't believe that a person/people are capable of something so senseless... it's tragic. For those that may not have heard what happened, check out the following article here - but be warned, some of the pictures are rather graphic.

Events like this just make you want to hug your kids a bit tighter. Brady came home from school and asked if we could take a walk together since the weather is actually decent so I jumped at it - ever since he turned 8 a few weeks ago he hasn't wanted to spend a lot of quality mother/son time... it's been all about daddy. We dug out Jordy's leash and I used my phone to map a route and we went 3.16 miles. It was definitely a leisurely walk - it took us nearly an hour! Jordy wanted to sniff everything in sight and we stopped whenever a car drove by. It was crisp and cool with a strong breeze but the sun was shining and it felt wonderful. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, but after that the temps are supposed to drop again and we're supposed to have more rain/snow mix. I'm SICK of this never-ending WI winter. Bring on spring!

This is what our yard looks like right now. I am definitely ready for the rest of that snow to melt... but at least the sun is out!

P.S. Finally got on the BlogLovin' band wagon. Can't believe it took me so long - love their app so I can read posts from the blogs I follow on my iPhone/iPad!

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