Saturday, June 30, 2012

Relay for Life

Yesterday my mom, my son Brady, and I did the Relay for Life walk. My mom found a lump in her breast when she was 27 and was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28. She had a lumpectomy done on her right breast, which was more like a partial mastectomy, and also had to get radiation. At age 49, they found cancer in her right breast again during a routine mammogram. We convinced her to be proactive and get a double mastectomy done, and it ended up being a good decision because they ended up finding cancer in the left breast as well.

Mom had decided against reconstructive surgery the first time around, and lived 20+ years with two different sized breasts. Since she was getting the double mastectomy this time she opted to go with reconstruction. Due to the radiation done to the right side in the past, the skin had trouble healing and she ended up with numerous problems and infections. She had to get a latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction done (you can learn about that here: and is still recovering. Mom went through about five surgeries in all, and has gone through a lot of physical and emotional issues as a result. She says if she could do it all over again she would have opted not to have reconstruction, but she is just grateful to still be here with us.

When she asked us to do the walk with her, I agreed without hesitation. It's a great cause, I've participated in the past, and I knew it would mean a lot to my mom to have us with her. Not to mention the fact that I'm working on my fitness and extra walking will do me some good.

The DJ at the event played lots of good music and we walked at a brisk pace for two hours. They had a bouncy house for the kids and Brady had a blast and made a new friend. It was a great evening, and we would have stayed longer if it weren't for mom's sore foot and the mountain of homework waiting for me at home.

My legs are definitely sore today, but I expected that because I had also done the C25K earlier. I'm hoping the soreness will go away by morning because I really want to tackle W1D3! But for today the only thing I will be tackling is massive amounts of homework. Remind me never to take summer accelerated classes ever again.

 Mom and Brady - Relay for Life

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